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Are you looking for a surrogate mother? How to find surrogate mother

When you start to think about surrogacy and learn about the process one of the first questions which pop up is if you need to spend money in a surrogacy agency or you can manage the process on your own. A surrogacy agency can support you to find a surrogate mother and provide guidance and support during the whole process nevertheless if you decide not hire a surrogacy specialist it's a must that you get in contact with a reputable family lawyer to get legal advice.

find a surrogate
find a surrogate

How to find a surrogate mother, where do I start?

There are different paths to find a surrogate mother (using an agency, looking for a friend or relative, using internet forums and communities), before choosing one learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Not every woman can be a surrogate mother, bellow you will find some common requirements, nevertheless get in contact with your fertility clinic and ask for the official ones.

Between 21 and 38

  • Healthy BMI
  • Non-smoker
  • No drugs
  • Free of sexual transmitted diseases
  • Minimum one previous healthy pregnancy without complications

If your surrogate is going to be a family member or a friend, you need to be aware that this person will know a lot about your personal life and after the baby is born you will have some real contact with her (more than with a surrogate found through a surrogacy agency or internet)

If you try to find a surrogate mother on your own using internet, Facebook, forum, adds or surrogacy communities online, it's important that you write down on a paper what are your desires, for example:

  • Country / state
  • Race
  • Married/Single or with partner
  • medical/physical requirements
  • Numbers of embryos to transfer (one or two)
  • Others
find surrogate mother
find surrogate mother

Things to things about before Choosing a Surrogate

It's important to have a face to face meeting with her and her husband (if this is not possible you can also do a video call via skype). This meeting is important to better know the person who is willing to help you.

During this meeting, you need to pay attention to:

  • Is she what you expected from your previous discussions?
  • Does she act responsibly?
  • Does she look healthy?
  • What do your guts tell you?

If you find a friend or a relative perhaps it would be stress-free for you to assess her commitment to the process because you already know her. Before moving forward with a family member or a friend you need to know that:

  • A surrogacy agreement is a must (include surrogate mother cost)
  • A medical and physiological screening are needed
  • She needs to be ready to get injections
  • She will have medical appointments during the pregnancy (prenatal care)

When you make your decision to move forward with your gestational carrier, before signing the surrogacy agreement and starting the fertility treatment, she will undergo the medical and psychological screener.

find a surrogate mother
find a surrogate mother

As a said before, even if it's a very close family member, as surrogacy agreement is a must to define the rights and obligations of each party and because normally the fertility clinics will ask for it before starting the treatment.